Thursday, June 26, 2008

4 to go

I finally reached level 66 today, after not playing Rina for about a week. We ran through Mana-Tombs and I got her a new cloak, gauntlets, and new leggings. Her healing is up to 797 unbuffed. I'm hoping for her to be ready for Kara when she reaches 70. Gwydion says if I got her stuff enchanted she'd be ready for Kara now, but she's too low level. I'm going to try to push her to 67 tomorrow, finishing my quests in Zangarmarsh and then Terokar. After that go through Nagrand. If I'm lucky I'll be 69 before I even reach Blade's Edge Mountains. That way at 70 I can go back and get more money for the quests in Shadowmoon and Netherstorm.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blackrock Depths

Blackrock Depths, the prison that holds Marshal Windsor: An instance that recommends players between 55-60, but with an entry level of 40.

Geearthur - 70 tankadin
Darkedrake - 70 rogue
Stropothrina - 65 healadin
Jurojin - 45 tankadin

We four-manned Blackrock Depths. Juro got some nice gear for his levels ahead. Rina got a "snooty" headpiece for RP. We cleared almost the entire dungeon. We did skip a few bosses because we came with the purpose to get to the Dark Anvil and the Dark Forge. We also had intentions to free Marshal Windsor, but we did not have the time.

If anybody has ever tried to clear Blackrock Depths before, you can understand how difficult it can be at the end. After you defeat the "Seven" you go on to a room with fast respawning non-elites who come at least two groups at a time; three or four if your feet aren't fast. We had a few hard hits, but we mad it all the way to the final boss. Madam Bronzebeard was saved.

I've gone in as Tiska and a few other 70's, and we went squish in that room before the final boss. The one where if you don't move, you die. I was so excited at how well we were doing with only 4 people, and a 45 in at 50+ dungeon. There were pictures taken, and they will be posted on the guild site soon. It was a very very fun run.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fish fight!

Staied up Late last night to get my fishing up. Probably went to bed around 8am. I woke up about 5 hours later and checked the site. When I logged on Wow, there wasn't much going on. So I did my fishing and cooking dailies for the first time. -cheer-

I posted on the calander that every sunday a group gets together to farm Stratholme for enchanting, fun, and all out crazyness. Chya and Aloenus are on the list, as is Rina unless Vailyn takes the comp. I'm sure Gee would be up to it, Stratholme is a Paladin's easiest dungeon. I posted the time for 2 server, but Chya said "Why not now?" Which is a good point, so Aloenus, Chyannee, and Stropothrina went to Stratholme. We cleared the Scarlet side easily. But I remembered that I had set my goal of leveling Rina today.

So Darkedrake helped me quest around Zangarmarsh, and a little later she dinged 62. That's a start. I need to be more dedicated to her leveling right now for Kara. I really want to go, because I'm on Gee's team with Bear and I know it's going to be a blast. Going to try not to play anybody but her for as much as I can handle. Really need to crack down if I want to get 8 levels by friday.

But Vailyn gets the computer at 5 server, so I logged out and let him on. I went to watch Giddy playing his horde. A few minutes later vailyn said I could get back on, he was going to a friends house. So okay, I figured I'd just go fish. -grin- and Gee was on. It's fun fishing with out people, so we went to Auberdine. We opened the invite to the guild, and Aloenus and Davejr came along as well.

We fished, and we cooked, and we ran around being silly. Then, remembering yesturday was suppose to be the naked fight, I challenged Gee to a naked duel. /duel -strip- /charge
Hehe. It was fun, even though we did cheat a little. =P But it was fun, and Davejr and Gee dueled. It was just too funny, so we asked who else wanted to come. 10 minutes later we have a raid of people: Dineh, Zarsha, Lindre, Gee, Drake/Alonus, Tiska, Davejr, Gee, Huntcicus, and Chyannee.

No armor with stats, no weapons, no trinkets or rings. No casting spells, or using potions, and no buffs. A fair, clean, hand to hand duel. So I brought everybody [Simple Dress]'s that they could wear with their tabard. There will be pictures on the sites later. Everybody was having fun, and for some it gave them an excuse to level their un-armed skills. This went along for at least an hour, with low levels running over and watching. Sure was entertaining.

Hehe, we should do this more often. Get out the stress and just duel naked... err.. with simple dresses.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Hehe, this day just ended perfectly. It starts out dailies, as usual. Getting a few skills up on my characters. Geearthur was suppose to come on today to hang out, but must have been busy. So I called a run to Slave Pens. Lindre, Firefizzle, Rethelas, Stropothrina, and Aloenus. We completely and utterly destroyed the place.

Then after running around for half an hour trying to find something else to do, Aloenus brought up Stratholme... a paladin's wonderland. So I, on Stropothrina, Aloe, Chyannee, and Vailyn went in and destroyed the Scarlet side. We had brought Evintyde in half way through, and we were having a blast. Giddy asked to step in, so I logged and let him on the computer. I sat back and watch Vailyn, Evintyde, Aloenus, and Vailyn desimate Stratholme. It was a blast, with Vailyn, a mage, playing healer with bandages.

After Aloenus left to take a rest, they took in Drakesaber, and reset, and did it again! Blues dropping Everywhere, disenchanting galor! Evintyde managed to get the flute that makes people dance. It was certainly a great night, and still is. I can still heal Vailyn and Gwydion talking in the other rooms, laughing and enjoying themselves. We've decided to put Stratholme on a farm for fun status. Lots of enchanting mats, paladin gear, and plain old good fun!